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ALL MARKS: Italian assay and hallmarking laboratory

ALL MARKS is a private laboratory in the Italian territory performing laser hallmarking and assays, plus several complementing services specifically targeted to jewelry and watches producers and dealers.

ALL MARKS was conceived with the desire to provide excellent service in the field of hallmarking and precious metals assays.

The laboratory operates through a specific service contract with the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce Precious Metals Laboratory, which performs technical screening activities, batches controls and hallmarking with the Italian mark ITALIA TURRITA.

Accredia Accreditation Certificate

Complete schedule of accreditation


ALL MARKS, Italy's first private assay office,
provides the following services:

Analysis of precious metals with X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
Determination of gold and silver finess using an accredited method in compliance with norms UNI EN ISO 11426:2016 and UNI EN ISO 11427:2017
Certification of the title of valuables and bullion for investment, with the affixing of the Optional Test Mark Italia Turrita
Hallmarking with laser technology with high definition tools
Packaging services for the customer
Cellule de rhabillage for reconditioning and cleaning of the pieces, performed by goldsmiths and specialized cleaners
Consulting services regarding international hallmarking and disputes on the legal title of the goods
Sampling and marking procedure ON-SITE (at All Marks headquarters) and OFF-SITE (at customer site)

Why All Marks

Benefits for
your client


ALL MARKS provides non-destructive X-ray fluorescence analysis and the affixing of the ITALIA TURRITA mark.

With ALL MARKS, assays and hallmarking are performed in the company’s laboratory located in Alessandria, Italy: the client has constant control on the status of the workflow and may quickly intervene in case of any anomalies.

The customer is therefore freed from the logistics burden of sending the products to a foreign Assay Office for verification and hallmarking, before being able to market their products.

Time Saving

Today the Italian Company cannot control any delays or criticalities in timing caused by a foreign assay office, and it is also unable to check the operating schedules at these laboratories.

ALL MARKS speeds up the hallmarking process and minimizes lead times, through accurate delivery timing and an on-demand scheduling, designed together with the customer.


Today, the Italian company often sees its products damaged during assays or hallmarking.

ALL MARKS eliminates this risk of damage, thanks to qualified staff from Italy’s main gold districts and to the constant contact with the manufacturer, in order to define the most correct positioning of the mark thus avoiding aesthetic or functional damage to the pieces.


Today, the Italian Company may suffer any disagreement/objections on the analyses carried out by foreign Assay Offices, with no possibility of further verifying the sample.

ALL MARKS carries out the all analyses and hallmarking on the Italian territory, offering greater protection and guarantees for the Italian company.


Hallmarking made safe, quick and easy


All Marks s.r.l.
Phone: +39.0131.381529

Registered office:
via San Giovanni Bosco, 10 – 15121
Alessandria (AL)

Operational headquarters:
via Mario Baiardi, 33 – 15048
Valenza (AL)

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